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Overwatch player Rafael Rodriguez

Photo Courtesy of Brandy Del R?o
Spotlight on Rafael Rodriguez

“Competitive, Strategic, Immersive.” These are some of the words used to describe Overwatch. Overwatch is a first-person shooter game that is a part of the National Association of Collegiate eSports. Last year, the University of South Carolina Sumter ranked fourth in the nation in the NAC eSports Tournament. We decided to sit with one of the players to talk about their hopes and ambitions for their next tournament season.

Rafael Rodriguez is an Overwatch player and part of the Fire Ant eSports team. Rafael first joined the Fire Ant eSports team in the summer of last year, as a starting freshman he believed that “it was something new to try,” and something he could do “to put himself out there.” He stated that he was really glad he joined the team because it has helped him instill a better work ethic into his life. “[eSports] has made me better at my time management, especially when it comes to managing a busy schedule that includes going to classes, meetings, getting work done, and attending practices.”

When we asked Rafael how the eSports team has changed since the time he joined the team he stated that “The program as a team they’ve gotten better. They never stay the same and they are always seeking change. They are constantly trying new things to get better.” He stated that he is “proud of the team because they never settle for anything. When they lose they think about how they can improve, and he appreciates that kind of seriousness and dedication within an organization.” 

When asked what was his greatest accomplishment? He states he has, "consistently staying at a high platinum rank since joining the team and was at one point achieved diamond ranking.” The Fire Ant eSports Overwatch team is currently in their spring training season. Rafael is still maintaining his high platinum rank.